How to Remove Branding From YouTube Embed Video

If you've ever tried to embed a video on your webpage, you will probably be familiar with YouTube embed branding. In most cases, it looks tacky and out of place and simply doesn't fit with your website's design. So why does Youtube include branding, and how can you hide YouTube branding?

by Marina Russo

The logo is typically included as an overlay on a video because the "modestbranding" option is set to its standard condition, which shows branding in the form of the YouTube logo.

‍In order to change this default setting, you must perform a few tweaks to the embed code and iframe settings before you embed the video on your site.

modestbranding ON

So how can you embed a YouTube video without branding?

If you would like to remove the YouTube branding or perhaps even replace it with your own, you need to do so before pasting the embed code on your site. In order to remove the branding, some minor tweaks need to be made to the default embed code that YouTube provides.

When you click on the "Embed video" option, the code that YouTube generates looks like this:

<iframe src="" height="350" width="575"></iframe>

Suppose you want to remove the YouTube branding altogether. In that case, you should include the value of "modestbranding = 0" to the code as such:

<iframe src="" height="350" width="575"></iframe>

You will no longer be able to see the YouTube branding logo when the video is paused. This parameter is supported by iFrame and Adobe Flash slime and is also HTML 5 compatible. That means that it will work on all desktop and mobile sites.

Please note that per YouTube's rules, a small YouTube label will always appear when the video is on pause.

modestbranding option from YouTube

Take it a notch further!

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Custom player example from Fancify

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