How To Create a Custom YouTube Player For WordPress

In many cases, you want your YouTube video to be viewed in your custom media player that allows you to add extra functionality to help your site’s users get the most out of the content you create. Who wouldn’t hope that their users can respond well to their YouTube videos? With Fancify, you can create a custom YouTube video player for WordPress.

by Marina Russo

Whatever your desires are for your audience, there are cases where you might want to either scale down the design or features of your video or have it match your layout or color scheme. This is especially true when you are embedding your video player on a site like WordPress. When you are dealing with WordPress, not only do you want your video player to match your color scheme, you want it to be as functional as possible. That is where Fancify comes in.

See below an example of a custom Fancify player that matches the look and feel of this brand new 2020 template:

Wordpress with Fancify player

How to Embed a Video in WordPress

Once you have customized your video player settings in Fancify, you are ready to embed it into your WordPress page. To embed your WordPress custom YouTube player, follow these simple steps.

  1. Navigate to the YouTube video page that you wish to embed.
  2. Instead of clicking the “Share this video” button, click the “Embed” option from the control panel.

    This will give you more options and more control over the video player.
    From here, you can change the video size and whether or not to include suggested videos.
  3. You will be presented with several embedding options.
    Choose the HTML option and copy the HTML code that YouTube generates.
  4. Log into your WordPress account and paste the text.
    You need to insert the HTML code into a text box using the “Text” editing mode rather than the “Visual” editing mode.
  5. Save your changes, and just like that, your embedded video is ready to be viewed.

Customize YouTube's video player with Fancify

Fancify is an easy to customize and professional video player for YouTube that you can embed into any website.

Fancify customization module Create your CUSTOM PLAYER