How To Create a Custom Play Button For YouTube's Player

Whether you are an avid YouTuber or using YouTube to promote your brand, there are times when you wish to create a custom play button. Creating a custom play button for your videos is a great way to set your brand apart and generate interest in your videos.

by Marina Russo

It is also possible that you have a “Play Video” button that you designed and placed in the center of your video. Unfortunately, creating a button of this type is not possible by default on YouTube's site. Doing it manually involves knowledge of the Javascript language in order to pull off. What if you don’t have time to learn a coding language to incorporate a custom play button on your page?

With Fancify, that is not a problem.

Fancify is a fully customizable YouTube video player skin creator that offers numerous options, including creating your custom play button. The best part is that Fancify runs on a WYSIWYG platform. That means that you can change your player visually instead of changing the code line by line. In fact, Fancify will create everything for you and generate a one-line embed code so you can copy and paste it into your site.

WYSIWYG customization platform

How can you create your own custom YouTube play button?

  1. First, find a video on your channel that you wish to customize.
  2. Copy and paste the YouTube generated URL into Fancify.
  3. Choose a template that suits your style and use the customization options
    to change the color, playback elements, and even create a custom playback button.
  4. Generate the embed code and copy and paste it into your site.
embed player code

Customize YouTube's video player with Fancify

Fancify is an easy to customize and professional video player for YouTube that you can embed into any website.

Fancify customization module Create your CUSTOM PLAYER