Customize YouTube’s iframe Player

Suppose you are using the standard embed feature provided by YouTube. In that case, you will be embedding the iframe player exactly how it appears on the YouTube page. However, with a few simple clicks, you can change and customize how the video appears when embedded in an outside page. Tweaking these options will allow you to create your own custom iframe YouTube player.

by Marina Russo

You also have the option to customize an embedded YouTube video so that it will fit better or flow with the design of your page. You also have to option to limit viewers from making the full video screen. This option is helpful if you want visitors to see more of your page. However you customize your YouTube iframe, the process is simple and straightforward.

Changing the iframe Embed Options

There are several ways to change the embed code that YouTube provides. Still, the best way to go about will give you more options when you want to customize the visual iframe player.

Here are the steps to access the visual options selector:

  1. On a YouTube video page, locate and select the “Share” option below the video.
  2. Select the “Embed” option.
  3. Located just below the embed code, there is the option to “Show Player Controls.” Make sure to check this box.
  4. Lastly, select “copy” to copy the embedded code.

You should notice that with each option that you adjust, the embed code will change. This happens when you enable or disable a setting in the iframe player. With each setting change, the embed code will reflect these changes, and the video player itself will represent these options.

You can also add your manual changes to the embed code. For example, if you set the fs parameter to “0”, viewers will not make the full video screen. You can also add a “start” parameter to this code, which will allow you to customize the starting point to the video stream.

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