Custom YouTube Player Skins
for Your Videos

Are you looking to create videos that are unique and set you apart from the competition? With Fancify, you can create your own custom YouTube player skins for your videos that will give you the edge to stand out from the pack.

by Marina Russo

Fancify allows you to choose your style, add a custom logo, and even pick the color scheme that best suits your organization. You can easily match your website's look and feel and even spread brand awareness every time your video is shared.

Fancify also has several fantastic and expertly crafted templates you can use right away. These stylish templates will give you everything to start making custom YouTube skins for your videos in no time.

Blimp Template

This simple yet appealing ready-made template comes with rounded design aesthetics and elegant contours. This template is excellent for beginners since it already looks great, to begin with. If you are looking to give your videos an effortless look, the Blimp skin is just what you need.

Blimp Template from Fancify

Cinema Template

Suppose you are displaying a short film, hosting a vlog, or showing a documentary. In that case, the cinema template is the perfect complement. It is easy to customize and give your videos a professional edge.

Cinema Template from Fancify

Furtive Template

The Furtive template is true to its name and doesn't distract from the content of your video. It is stealth and sleek and devoid of any unnecessary clutter.

Furtive Template from Fancify

SVG Elements

Fancify with SVG also gives users full freedom and control by harnessing the robust styles of SVG elements.

The 80's Style template combines a funky 80's feel with stylish visuals. The Hand-drawn style was created using beautiful elements from Illustrator, and Pastel features a delicate color scheme with soft outlines.

No matter what template you choose, Fancify will give your videos an elegant look with a professional feel.

Customize YouTube's video player with Fancify

Fancify is an easy to customize and professional video player for YouTube that you can embed into any website.

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