A Custom Javascript YouTube Player from Fancify

Fancify uses advanced Javascript coding to create a stylish custom YouTube player. The best part is that it runs the JS code in the background, so you won't even tell that it is running.

by Marina Russo

By utilizing a JavaScript runtime environment, Fancify creates a video player skin that is fully customizable. Users can rapidly customize both color and video size by using the Fancify app. The app itself gives users a WYSIWYG interface to maximize customization tools and options. All of the most common video elements in the video player can be customized.

Additionally, the app allows users to create their custom interface elements and upload themas SVG files. Full artistic freedom is at your fingertips, and the sky is the limit.

Fancify JavaScript code

Once you are satisfied with your skin's look and feel, you can save all of your customization options. You can then apply these options to any of your YouTube videos URLs. The Fancify app will generate a simple line of code that can easily be embedded into any website. Fancify's custom JS video players are easy as copy and paste.

Fancify is a revolutionary tool that allows you to customize your YouTube player to give your videos a stylish edge and a professional feel. Fancify will enable you to create a personal video player that will fit your site aesthetic and branding needs. It is easy to use and gives your videos an enhanced presentation.

You can start by using one of the stylish pre-made templates provided on the Fancify site. From there, you can customize to match the look and color scheme of your site. It's easy to match the look and feel of your site by adjusting the intuitive customization controls. Once you are satisfied with your custom skin, you can add your brand and share your videos with your audience.

Customize YouTube's video player with Fancify

Fancify is an easy to customize and professional video player for YouTube that you can embed into any website.

Fancify customization module Create your CUSTOM PLAYER