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Standard controls

Our YouTube Embed Options

These customization features will appear when exporting your player theme from the Fancify application.


Hide controls

The YouTube code options doesn't allow to hide the controls. However, with Fancify, you can customize the look of these controls in such ways that they fit your website's design.

Video player controls

Disable related videos

With Fancify, you can hide related videos in YouTube's embed player by turning off our Show related option.

Show related videos ON

Start time and end time

This handy option lets you choose at which exact time you wish the embedded video to start and end.

video start time

Loop the video

With this option, you can decide wether the embedded video will loop endlessly.

Loop YouTube video

Autoplay on page load

This control will make the embedded video start automatically once the website's page loads.

Autoplay YouTube video

Show closed captions

YouTube now features closed captions to help certain audiences understand the content. You can turn this on or off.

Closed captions in YouTube videos

Allow fullscreen

Allow or disallow the possibility for users to watch your embedded video in fullscreen mode.

Fullscreen option YouTube embed

Don't show title

Embedded YouTube videos will always show the video title. What you can do though is choose a template player with Fancify that will give it some sense of customization to your videos.

Video title
Videos should make you look good.
Create CUSTOM Player themes
Fancify with SVG

Get full design freedom with SVG elements. Look at our custom YouTube player examples.

Custom Controls

What can you do if you are looking to change the layout or style of the YouTube player to better fit your site's style or design?

Different Player Styles

If you are looking to change up your YouTube video player style, you can either learn to code, or you can use an all-in-one customization platform.

Alternative to YouTube

The truth is, there are many ways to make the YouTube video player look more attractive and more in line with your brand...