Finally, a pro custom player for YouTube

Fancify is an easy to customize and professional video player for YouTube that you can embed into any website.

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Branding advantage

Create player themes that fit your branding.

Start from one of our ready-made templates and customize it with your own color scheme. Match your site's look & feel, and spread your brand everywhere your videos are shared.

Fancify customization module
Videos should make you look good.
Create CUSTOM Player themes
Marketing advantage

Use all the power of YouTube marketing, even with a custom video player.

YouTube will count views originating from your embedded Fancify player, so you can climb up in the ranking algorithm. You can now grow your YouTube audience through your website visitors while keeping your brand image strong.

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How it works

Making a custom YouTube video player with Fancify


How can Fancify help me play YouTube videos in a custom player?

Fancify gives you the power to rapidly customize the color and size of the most common user interface elements in a video player. The Fancify app provides a WYSIWYG interface for customizing all the elements of the video player. You can also create your own user interface elements and upload them as SVG files for complete artistic freedom!

Once your customization options are saved, you can apply your player theme to any number of YouTube video URLs. Fancify will generate a simple one-line code for embedding into your website.

Player customization module

How do I create my own player theme?

Choose your ready-made template

The very first step while creating your new theme is to choose between one of our 4 ready-made templates. They provide different styling elements useful for all kind of website environments.

Fancify Player Templates
Fancify interface elements

Edit interface elements

The main customization work relies upon editing the interface elements of the video player. These elements are: the 2 play buttons, the pause button, the time progress bar, the volume button, the volume bar, and the fullscreen button.

Export the code and embed

The last step is to generate the embed code. Choose your video-specific controls such as start-time, autoplay, loop and more. After generating the code, you can simply copy-paste it into any website.

Fancify embed module